Summary information for locus 2829CC

10 species found for locus = 2829CC
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Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

106 Accipitridae Gyps coprotheres Cape Vulture (Griffon) Not listed 1
646 Cisticolidae Cisticola tinniens Levaillant's (Tinkling) Cisticola Not listed 1
390 Coliidae Colius striatus Speckled Mousebird Not listed 1
524 Corvidae Corvus albicollis White-necked Raven Not listed 1
843 Estrildidae Estrilda astrild Common Waxbill Not listed 1
858 Fringillidae Crithagra scotops Forest Canary Not listed 1
772 Nectariniidae Chalcomitra amethystina Amethyst (Black) Sunbird Not listed 1
105 Sagittariidae Sagittarius serpentarius Secretarybird Not listed 1
542 Sylviidae Lioptilus nigricapillus Bush Blackcap Not listed 1
846 Viduidae Vidua macroura Pin-tailed Whydah Not listed 1

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