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Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

157 Accipitridae Accipiter ovampensis Ovambo Sparrowhawk Not listed 1
137 Accipitridae Aquila wahlbergi Wahlberg's Eagle Not listed 1
148 Accipitridae Circaetus cinerascens Western Banded Snake-Eagle Not listed 1
146 Accipitridae Circaetus pectoralis Black-chested (Breasted) Snake-Eagle Not listed 1
144 Accipitridae Kaupifalco monogrammicus Lizard Buzzard Not listed 1
151 Accipitridae Terathopius ecaudatus Bateleur Not listed 2
424 Bucerotidae Tockus nasutus African Grey Hornbill Not listed 1
1504 Bucerotidae Tockus pallidirostris Pale-billed Hornbill Not listed 3
430 Bucorvidae Bucorvus leadbeateri Southern Ground-hornbill Not listed 1
78 Ciconiidae Ciconia abdimii Abdim's Stork Not listed 1
628 Cisticolidae Camaroptera brevicaudata Grey-backed Camaroptera (split) Not listed 1
649 Cisticolidae Prinia subflava Tawny-flanked Prinia Not listed 1
318 Columbidae Oena capensis Namaqua Dove Not listed 1
316 Columbidae Streptopelia capicola Cape Turtle (Ring-necked) Dove Not listed 1
413 Coraciidae Coracias caudatus Lilac-breasted Roller Not listed 1
352 Cuculidae Chrysococcyx caprius Dideric (Diederik) Cuckoo Not listed 1
347 Cuculidae Clamator levaillantii Levaillant's (African Striped) Cuckoo Not listed 1
402 Dacelonidae Halcyon albiventris Brown-hooded Kingfisher Not listed 1
403 Dacelonidae Halcyon chelicuti Striped Kingfisher Not listed 1
401 Dacelonidae Halcyon leucocephala Grey-headed (Chestnut-bellied) Kingfisher Not listed 1
839 Estrildidae Uraeginthus angolensis Blue Waxbill Not listed 2
114 Falconidae Falco biarmicus Lanner Falcon Not listed 1
115 Falconidae Falco subbuteo Eurasian Hobby Not listed 1
673 Malaconotidae Batis molitor Chinspot Batis Not listed 2
712 Malaconotidae Dryoscopus cubla Black-backed (Southern) Puffback Not listed 1
404 Meropidae Merops apiaster European Bee-eater Not listed 2
411 Meropidae Merops hirundineus Swallow-tailed Bee-eater Not listed 1
682 Monarchidae Terpsiphone viridis African Paradise-Flycatcher Not listed 1
774 Nectariniidae Chalcomitra senegalensis Scarlet-chested Sunbird Not listed 2
763 Nectariniidae Cinnyris talatala White-bellied (breasted) Sunbird Not listed 1
192 Numididae Numida meleagris Helmeted Guineafowl Not listed 3
520 Oriolidae Oriolus auratus African Golden-Oriole Not listed 2
519 Oriolidae Oriolus oriolus Eurasian Golden-Oriole Not listed 1
527 Paridae Parus niger Southern Black Tit Not listed 1
188 Phasianidae Pternistis afer Red-necked Spurfowl (Francolin) Not listed 1
793 Ploceidae Anaplectes rubriceps Red-headed Weaver Not listed 1
809 Ploceidae Euplectes hordeaceus Black-winged (Fire-crowned) Bishop Not listed 3
545 Pycnonotidae Pycnonotus tricolor Dark-capped (Black-eyed) Bulbul Not listed 1
258 Scolopacidae Actitis hypoleucos Common Sandpiper Not listed 1
368 Strigidae Bubo africanus Spotted Eagle-Owl Not listed 1
679 Sylviidae Erythrocercus livingstonei Livingstone's Flycatcher Not listed 2
359 Tytonidae Tyto alba Barn Owl Not listed 1
418 Upupidae Upupa africana African Hoopoe Not listed 1
853 Viduidae Vidua obtusa Broad-tailed Paradise-Whydah Not listed 1
852 Viduidae Vidua paradisaea Long-tailed (Paradise) Paradise-Whydah Not listed 1

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