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27 species found for locus = 2528AC
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Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

146 Accipitridae Circaetus pectoralis Black-chested (Breasted) Snake-Eagle Not listed 1
149 Accipitridae Haliaeetus vocifer African Fish-Eagle Not listed 1
458 Alaudidae Mirafra africana Rufous-naped Lark Not listed 1
98 Anatidae Anas capensis Cape Teal Not listed 1
91 Anatidae Sarkidiornis melanotos Comb (Knob-billed) Duck Not listed 1
426 Bucerotidae Tockus leucomelas Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill Not listed 3
238 Charadriidae Charadrius tricollaris Three-banded Plover Not listed 1
245 Charadriidae Vanellus armatus Blacksmith Lapwing (Plover) Not listed 2
650 Cisticolidae Prinia flavicans Black-chested Prinia Not listed 1
402 Dacelonidae Halcyon albiventris Brown-hooded Kingfisher Not listed 1
399 Dacelonidae Halcyon senegalensis Woodland Kingfisher Not listed 1
830 Estrildidae Pytilia melba Green-winged (Melba) Pytilia (Finch) Not listed 2
839 Estrildidae Uraeginthus angolensis Blue Waxbill Not listed 1
122 Falconidae Falco rupicoloides Greater Kestrel Not listed 1
866 Fringillidae Crithagra flaviventris Yellow Canary Not listed 1
501 Hirundinidae Hirundo semirufa Red-breasted (Rufous-chested) Swallow Not listed 1
706 Laniidae Lanius minor Lesser Grey Shrike Not listed 1
405 Meropidae Merops persicus Blue-cheeked Bee-eater Not listed 1
661 Muscicapidae Bradornis mariquensis Marico Flycatcher Not listed 1
582 Muscicapidae Cossypha humeralis White-throated Robin-Chat Not listed 1
789 Ploceidae Sporopipes squamifrons Scaly-feathered Finch Not listed 1
270 Recurvirostridae Himantopus himantopus Black-winged Stilt Not listed 3
269 Recurvirostridae Recurvirostra avosetta Pied (Avocet) Avocet Not listed 3
253 Scolopacidae Calidris minuta Little Stint Not listed 1
83 Threskiornithidae Plegadis falcinellus Glossy Ibis Not listed 1
852 Viduidae Vidua paradisaea Long-tailed (Paradise) Paradise-Whydah Not listed 2
847 Viduidae Vidua regia Shaft-tailed Whydah Not listed 1

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