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12 species found for locus = 2532DC
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Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

146 Accipitridae Circaetus pectoralis Black-chested (Breasted) Snake-Eagle Not listed 1
387 Apodidae Cypsiurus parvus African Palm-Swift Not listed 1
54 Ardeidae Ardea cinerea Grey Heron Not listed 2
59 Ardeidae Egretta garzetta Little Egret Not listed 1
394 Cerylidae Ceryle rudis Pied Kingfisher Not listed 1
228 Jacanidae Actophilornis africanus African Jacana Not listed 1
304 Laridae Chlidonias leucopterus White-winged Tern Not listed 1
288 Laridae Larus cirrocephalus Grey-headed Gull Not listed 2
410 Meropidae Merops pusillus Little Bee-eater Not listed 1
41 Pelecanidae Pelecanus rufescens Pink-backed Pelican Not listed 1
72 Scopidae Scopus umbretta Hamerkop Not listed 1
777 Zosteropidae Zosterops senegalensis African Yellow White-eye Not listed 1

  Total records           14  

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