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35 species found for locus = 2828BC
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Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

133 Accipitridae Aquila verreauxii Verreaux's (Black) Eagle Not listed 1
152 Accipitridae Buteo rufofuscus Jackal Buzzard Not listed 1
150 Accipitridae Gypaetus barbatus Bearded Vulture Not listed 1
106 Accipitridae Gyps coprotheres Cape Vulture (Griffon) Not listed 2
637 Cisticolidae Cisticola fulvicapilla Neddicky (Piping Cisticola) Not listed 1
4139 Cisticolidae Prinia maculosa Karoo Prinia (split) Not listed 4
312 Columbidae Columba arquatrix African Olive- (Rameron) Pigeon Not listed 1
119 Falconidae Falco amurensis Amur (Eastern Red-footed) Falcon (Kestrel) Not listed 1
873 Fringillidae Emberiza capensis Cape Bunting Not listed 3
872 Fringillidae Emberiza tahapisi Cinnamon-breasted (Rock) Bunting Not listed 1
214 Gruidae Balearica regulorum Grey Crowned- (Crowned) Crane Not listed 1
506 Hirundinidae Hirundo fuligula Rock Martin Not listed 1
709 Malaconotidae Laniarius ferrugineus Southern Boubou Not listed 1
722 Malaconotidae Telophorus zeylonus Bokmakierie Not listed 2
703 Motacillidae Macronyx capensis Cape (Orange-throated) Longclaw Not listed 1
570 Muscicapidae Cercomela familiaris Familiar Chat Not listed 2
559 Muscicapidae Monticola rupestris Cape Rock-thrush Not listed 2
569 Muscicapidae Oenanthe bifasciata Buff-streaked Chat (Wheatear) Not listed 1
573 Muscicapidae Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris Mocking Cliff-Chat Not listed 3
751 Nectariniidae Nectarinia famosa Malachite Sunbird Not listed 1
784 Passeridae Passer domesticus House Sparrow Not listed 2
786 Passeridae Passer melanurus Cape Sparrow Not listed 1
176 Phasianidae Scleroptila africanus Grey-winged Francolin Not listed 1
445 Picidae Geocolaptes olivaceus Ground Woodpecker Not listed 1
453 Picidae Jynx ruficollis Red-throated Wryneck Not listed 1
810 Ploceidae Euplectes capensis Yellow (Yellow-rumped) Bishop (Widow) Not listed 1
791 Ploceidae Ploceus ocularis Spectacled Weaver Not listed 1
750 Promeropidae Promerops gurneyi Gurney's Sugarbird Not listed 1
544 Pycnonotidae Pycnonotus nigricans African Red-eyed Bulbul Not listed 2
105 Sagittariidae Sagittarius serpentarius Secretarybird Not listed 1
745 Sturnidae Onychognathus morio Red-winged Starling Not listed 4
610 Sylviidae Bradypterus barratti Barratt's Warbler Not listed 1
542 Sylviidae Lioptilus nigricapillus Bush Blackcap Not listed 3
618 Sylviidae Sphenoeacus afer Cape Grassbird Not listed 1
846 Viduidae Vidua macroura Pin-tailed Whydah Not listed 1

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