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12 species found for locus = 2831DC
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Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

112 Accipitridae Gypohierax angolensis Palm-nut Vulture Not listed 1
430 Bucorvidae Bucorvus leadbeateri Southern Ground-hornbill Not listed 2
627 Cisticolidae Camaroptera brachyura Green-backed Camaroptera (split) Not listed 1
312 Columbidae Columba arquatrix African Olive- (Rameron) Pigeon Not listed 1
827 Estrildidae Mandingoa nitidula Green Twinspot Not listed 1
438 Lybiidae Pogoniulus bilineatus Yellow-rumped (Golden-rumped) Tinkerbird (Tinker Barbet) Not listed 1
435 Lybiidae Stactolaema olivacea Green Barbet Not listed 3
700 Motacillidae Anthus brachyurus Short-tailed Pipit Not listed 1
696 Motacillidae Anthus lineiventris Striped Pipit Not listed 1
813 Ploceidae Euplectes ardens Red-collared Widowbird Not listed 1
547 Pycnonotidae Phyllastrephus flavostriatus Yellow-streaked Greenbul (Bulbul) Not listed 1
393 Trogonidae Apaloderma narina Narina Trogon Not listed 2

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