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Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

139 Accipitridae Aquila pennatus Booted Eagle Not listed 2
133 Accipitridae Aquila verreauxii Verreaux's (Black) Eagle Not listed 1
152 Accipitridae Buteo rufofuscus Jackal Buzzard Not listed 2
146 Accipitridae Circaetus pectoralis Black-chested (Breasted) Snake-Eagle Not listed 1
169 Accipitridae Circus maurus Black Harrier Not listed 1
165 Accipitridae Melierax canorus Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk Not listed 2
171 Accipitridae Polyboroides typus African Harrier-Hawk (Gymnogene) Not listed 1
461 Alaudidae Calendulauda albescens Karoo Lark (split) Not listed 1
474 Alaudidae Chersomanes albofasciata Spike-heeled Lark Not listed 1
486 Alaudidae Eremopterix australis Black-eared Sparrowlark (Finchlark) Not listed 1
89 Anatidae Alopochen aegyptiacus Egyptian Goose Not listed 1
88 Anatidae Plectropterus gambensis Spur-winged Goose Not listed 1
90 Anatidae Tadorna cana South African Shelduck Not listed 1
386 Apodidae Tachymarptis melba Alpine Swift Not listed 1
80 Ciconiidae Ciconia ciconia White Stork Not listed 1
638 Cisticolidae Cisticola subruficapilla Grey-backed (Red-headed) Cisticola Not listed 2
4139 Cisticolidae Prinia maculosa Karoo Prinia (split) Not listed 1
391 Coliidae Colius colius White-backed Mousebird Not listed 1
392 Coliidae Urocolius indicus Red-faced Mousebird Not listed 1
311 Columbidae Columba guinea Speckled (Rock) Pigeon Not listed 1
318 Columbidae Oena capensis Namaqua Dove Not listed 1
316 Columbidae Streptopelia capicola Cape Turtle (Ring-necked) Dove Not listed 1
314 Columbidae Streptopelia semitorquata Red-eyed Dove Not listed 1
317 Columbidae Streptopelia senegalensis Laughing (Palm) Dove Not listed 1
522 Corvidae Corvus albus Pied Crow Not listed 1
523 Corvidae Corvus capensis Cape (Black) Crow Not listed 1
123 Falconidae Falco rupicolus Rock Kestrel Not listed 1
865 Fringillidae Crithagra albogularis White-throated Canary Not listed 1
866 Fringillidae Crithagra flaviventris Yellow Canary Not listed 1
873 Fringillidae Emberiza capensis Cape Bunting Not listed 1
502 Hirundinidae Hirundo cucullata Greater Striped-Swallow Not listed 1
506 Hirundinidae Hirundo fuligula Rock Martin Not listed 1
493 Hirundinidae Hirundo rustica Barn (European) Swallow Not listed 1
707 Laniidae Lanius collaris Common Fiscal Not listed 1
432 Lybiidae Tricholaema leucomelas Acacia Pied Barbet Not listed 1
674 Malaconotidae Batis pririt Pririt Batis Not listed 1
722 Malaconotidae Telophorus zeylonus Bokmakierie Not listed 1
404 Meropidae Merops apiaster European Bee-eater Not listed 1
686 Motacillidae Motacilla capensis Cape Wagtail Not listed 1
570 Muscicapidae Cercomela familiaris Familiar Chat Not listed 1
566 Muscicapidae Cercomela schlegelii Karoo Chat Not listed 1
583 Muscicapidae Cercotrichas coryphoeus Karoo Scrub-Robin Not listed 1
581 Muscicapidae Cossypha caffra Cape Robin-chat Not listed 1
575 Muscicapidae Myrmecocichla formicivora Ant-eating Chat Not listed 1
564 Muscicapidae Oenanthe monticola Mountain Chat (Wheatear) Not listed 1
576 Muscicapidae Saxicola torquatus African (Common) Stonechat Not listed 1
751 Nectariniidae Nectarinia famosa Malachite Sunbird Not listed 1
4134 Otididae Afrotis afra Southern Black Korhaan (split) Not listed 1
218 Otididae Neotis ludwigii Ludwig's Bustard Not listed 1
531 Paridae Anthoscopus minutus Cape (Southern) Penduline-Tit Not listed 1
525 Paridae Parus afer Grey (Southern Grey) Tit Not listed 1
784 Passeridae Passer domesticus House Sparrow Not listed 1
786 Passeridae Passer melanurus Cape Sparrow Not listed 1
189 Phasianidae Coturnix coturnix Common Quail Not listed 1
176 Phasianidae Scleroptila africanus Grey-winged Francolin Not listed 2
445 Picidae Geocolaptes olivaceus Ground Woodpecker Not listed 1
810 Ploceidae Euplectes capensis Yellow (Yellow-rumped) Bishop (Widow) Not listed 1
803 Ploceidae Ploceus velatus Southern Masked-Weaver Not listed 1
307 Pteroclidae Pterocles namaqua Namaqua Sandgrouse Not listed 1
543 Pycnonotidae Pycnonotus capensis Cape Bulbul Not listed 1
105 Sagittariidae Sagittarius serpentarius Secretarybird Not listed 1
368 Strigidae Bubo africanus Spotted Eagle-Owl Not listed 1
737 Sturnidae Lamprotornis nitens Cape Glossy (Glossy) Starling Not listed 1
744 Sturnidae Onychognathus nabouroup Pale-winged Starling Not listed 1
621 Sylviidae Sylvietta rufescens Long-billed (Cape) Crombec Not listed 1
1104 Turdidae Turdus smithi Karoo Thrush (split) Not listed 1
1171 Zosteropidae Zosterops pallidus Orange River White-eye (split) Not listed 1

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