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23 species found for locus = 2930CC
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Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

152 Accipitridae Buteo rufofuscus Jackal Buzzard Not listed 1
154 Accipitridae Buteo vulpinus Steppe (Common) Buzzard Not listed 2
106 Accipitridae Gyps coprotheres Cape Vulture (Griffon) Not listed 1
138 Accipitridae Lophaetus occipitalis Long-crested Eagle Not listed 3
132 Accipitridae Pernis apivorus European Honey-buzzard Not listed 1
380 Apodidae Apus barbatus African Black (Black) Swift Not listed 1
430 Bucorvidae Bucorvus leadbeateri Southern Ground-hornbill Not listed 1
79 Ciconiidae Ciconia nigra Black Stork Not listed 1
523 Corvidae Corvus capensis Cape (Black) Crow Not listed 1
343 Cuculidae Cuculus solitarius Red-chested Cuckoo Not listed 1
517 Dicruridae Dicrurus adsimilis Fork-tailed Drongo Not listed 1
119 Falconidae Falco amurensis Amur (Eastern Red-footed) Falcon (Kestrel) Not listed 2
114 Falconidae Falco biarmicus Lanner Falcon Not listed 1
874 Fringillidae Emberiza flaviventris Golden-breasted Bunting Not listed 1
497 Hirundinidae Hirundo atrocaerulea Blue Swallow Not listed 1
511 Hirundinidae Psalidoprocne holomelaena Black Saw-wing Not listed 1
672 Malaconotidae Batis capensis Cape Batis Not listed 1
685 Motacillidae Motacilla aguimp African Pied Wagtail Not listed 1
4133 Musophagidae Tauraco corythaix Knysna Turaco (split) Not listed 1
219 Otididae Neotis denhami Denham's (Stanley's) Bustard Not listed 1
189 Phasianidae Coturnix coturnix Common Quail Not listed 1
105 Sagittariidae Sagittarius serpentarius Secretarybird Not listed 1
736 Sturnidae Cinnyricinclus leucogaster Violet-backed (Plum-coloured, Amethyst) Starling Not listed 2

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