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Summary information for locus 2730AC

47 species found for locus = 2730AC
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Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

167 Accipitridae Circus ranivorus African Marsh-Harrier Not listed 2
130 Accipitridae Elanus caeruleus Black-shouldered (Winged) Kite Not listed 1
473 Alaudidae Heteromirafra ruddi Rudd's Lark Not listed 1
472 Alaudidae Spizocorys fringillaris Botha's Lark Not listed 4
94 Anatidae Anas smithii Cape Shoveler Not listed 1
96 Anatidae Anas undulata Yellow-billed Duck Not listed 2
90 Anatidae Tadorna cana South African Shelduck Not listed 1
55 Ardeidae Ardea melanocephala Black-headed Heron Not listed 1
60 Ardeidae Egretta intermedia Yellow-billed (Intermediate) Egret Not listed 1
67 Ardeidae Ixobrychus minutus Little Bittern Not listed 2
238 Charadriidae Charadrius tricollaris Three-banded Plover Not listed 1
634 Cisticolidae Cisticola ayresii Wing-snapping (Ayre's) Cisticola Not listed 1
635 Cisticolidae Cisticola cinnamomeus Pale-crowned Cisticola Not listed 1
629 Cisticolidae Cisticola juncidis Zitting (Fan-tailed) Cisticola Not listed 1
646 Cisticolidae Cisticola tinniens Levaillant's (Tinkling) Cisticola Not listed 1
1049 Cisticolidae Prinia hypoxantha Drakensberg Prinia (split) Not listed 4
522 Corvidae Corvus albus Pied Crow Not listed 1
523 Corvidae Corvus capensis Cape (Black) Crow Not listed 1
214 Gruidae Balearica regulorum Grey Crowned- (Crowned) Crane Not listed 2
502 Hirundinidae Hirundo cucullata Greater Striped-Swallow Not listed 1
707 Laniidae Lanius collaris Common Fiscal Not listed 1
722 Malaconotidae Telophorus zeylonus Bokmakierie Not listed 1
701 Motacillidae Anthus chloris Yellow-breasted Pipit Not listed 2
703 Motacillidae Macronyx capensis Cape (Orange-throated) Longclaw Not listed 2
581 Muscicapidae Cossypha caffra Cape Robin-chat Not listed 1
576 Muscicapidae Saxicola torquatus African (Common) Stonechat Not listed 1
178 Phasianidae Scleroptila levaillantii Red-winged Francolin Not listed 2
445 Picidae Geocolaptes olivaceus Ground Woodpecker Not listed 1
453 Picidae Jynx ruficollis Red-throated Wryneck Not listed 1
812 Ploceidae Euplectes afer Yellow-crowned (Golden) Bishop Not listed 1
816 Ploceidae Euplectes axillaris Fan-tailed (Red-shouldered) Widowbird Not listed 4
808 Ploceidae Euplectes orix Southern Red (Red) Bishop Not listed 3
818 Ploceidae Euplectes progne Long-tailed Widowbird Not listed 6
799 Ploceidae Ploceus capensis Cape Weaver Not listed 4
803 Ploceidae Ploceus velatus Southern Masked-Weaver Not listed 3
805 Ploceidae Quelea quelea Red-billed Quelea Not listed 6
198 Rallidae Crex crex Corn Crake Not listed 1
212 Rallidae Fulica cristata Red-knobbed Coot Not listed 2
208 Rallidae Porphyrio madagascariensis African Purple (Purple) Swamphen (Gallinule) Not listed 2
205 Rallidae Sarothrura rufa Red-chested Flufftail Not listed 1
250 Scolopacidae Gallinago nigripennis African (Ethiopian) Snipe Not listed 1
746 Sturnidae Spreo bicolor Pied (African Pied) Starling Not listed 1
604 Sylviidae Acrocephalus gracilirostris Lesser Swamp- (Cape Reed) Warbler Not listed 1
542 Sylviidae Lioptilus nigricapillus Bush Blackcap Not listed 1
671 Sylviidae Phylloscopus ruficapilla Yellow-throated (Woodland-) Warbler Not listed 1
82 Threskiornithidae Geronticus calvus Southern Bald (Bald) Ibis Not listed 1
854 Viduidae Anomalospiza imberbis Cuckoo Finch (Parasitic Weaver) Not listed 4

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