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Summary information for locus 2820CB

22 species found for locus = 2820CB
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Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

139 Accipitridae Aquila pennatus Booted Eagle Not listed 1
460 Alaudidae Calendulauda sabota Sabota Lark Not listed 1
474 Alaudidae Chersomanes albofasciata Spike-heeled Lark Not listed 1
386 Apodidae Tachymarptis melba Alpine Swift Not listed 1
650 Cisticolidae Prinia flavicans Black-chested Prinia Not listed 2
865 Fringillidae Crithagra albogularis White-throated Canary Not listed 1
685 Motacillidae Motacilla aguimp African Pied Wagtail Not listed 1
686 Motacillidae Motacilla capensis Cape Wagtail Not listed 1
581 Muscicapidae Cossypha caffra Cape Robin-chat Not listed 1
561 Muscicapidae Monticola brevipes Short-toed Rock-Thrush Not listed 1
654 Muscicapidae Muscicapa striata Spotted Flycatcher Not listed 1
575 Muscicapidae Myrmecocichla formicivora Ant-eating Chat Not listed 1
557 Muscicapidae Psophocichla litsipsirupa Groundscraper Thrush Not listed 1
218 Otididae Neotis ludwigii Ludwig's Bustard Not listed 1
783 Ploceidae Philetairus socius Sociable (Social) Weaver Not listed 1
796 Ploceidae Ploceus rubiginosus Chestnut Weaver Not listed 1
544 Pycnonotidae Pycnonotus nigricans African Red-eyed Bulbul Not listed 4
368 Strigidae Bubo africanus Spotted Eagle-Owl Not listed 1
737 Sturnidae Lamprotornis nitens Cape Glossy (Glossy) Starling Not listed 1
744 Sturnidae Onychognathus nabouroup Pale-winged Starling Not listed 6
606 Sylviidae Acrocephalus baeticatus African (African Marsh-Warbler) Reed-Warbler Not listed 1
1171 Zosteropidae Zosterops pallidus Orange River White-eye (split) Not listed 4

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