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Summary information for locus 2831CD

26 species found for locus = 2831CD
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Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

140 Arthroleptidae Arthroleptis wahlbergi Bush Squeaker Least Concern 19
680 Arthroleptidae Leptopelis natalensis Forest Tree Frog Least Concern 23
220 Brevicepitidae Breviceps mossambicus Mozambique Rain Frog Least Concern 1
270 Brevicepitidae Breviceps verrucosus Plaintive Rain Frog Least Concern 2
910 Bufonidae Schismaderma carens Red Toad Least Concern 7
370 Bufonidae Sclerophrys capensis Raucous Toad Least Concern 1
330 Bufonidae Sclerophrys gutturalis Guttural Toad Least Concern 15
10 Hyperoliidae Afrixalus aureus Golden Leaf-folding Frog Least Concern 4
30 Hyperoliidae Afrixalus fornasinii Greater Leaf-folding Frog Least Concern 4
50 Hyperoliidae Afrixalus spinifrons Natal Leaf-folding Frog Vulnerable 3
590 Hyperoliidae Hyperolius marmoratus Painted Reed Frog Least Concern 28
620 Hyperoliidae Hyperolius pusillus Water Lily Frog Least Concern 13
630 Hyperoliidae Hyperolius semidiscus Yellowstriped Reed Frog Least Concern 1
640 Hyperoliidae Hyperolius tuberilinguis Tinker Reed Frog Least Concern 16
660 Hyperoliidae Kassina senegalensis Bubbling Kassina Least Concern 6
760 Microhylidae Phrynomantis bifasciatus Banded Rubber Frog Least Concern 1
1200 Phrynobatrachidae Phrynobatrachus 1
730 Phrynobatrachidae Phrynobatrachus mababiensis Dwarf Puddle Frog Least Concern 4
740 Phrynobatrachidae Phrynobatrachus natalensis Snoring Puddle Frog Least Concern 4
1050 Pipidae Xenopus laevis Common Platanna Least Concern 3
820 Ptychadenidae Ptychadena porosissima Striped Grass Frog Least Concern 1
880 Pyxicephalidae Amietia delalandii Delalande's River Frog Least Concern 5 Yes
882 Pyxicephalidae Amietia poyntoni Poynton's River Frog Not evaluated 1
980 Pyxicephalidae Strongylopus wageri Plain Stream Frog Near Threatened 1
1030 Pyxicephalidae Tomopterna natalensis Natal Sand Frog Least Concern 7
470 Rhacophoridae Chiromantis xerampelina Southern Foam Nest Frog Least Concern 1

  Total records           172  

Red listing source:
Minter LR, Burger M, Harrison JA, Braack HH, Bishop PJ & Kloepfer D (eds). 2004. Atlas and Red Data book of the frogs of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. SI/MAB Series no. 9. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

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