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Summary information for locus 3130AA

16 species found for locus = 3130AA
Date filter: Year collected/observed >= 1980

Species code Family Genus Species Subspecies Common name Red list category No. records Atlas region endemic

1490 Agamidae Agama atra Southern Rock Agama Least Concern (SARCA 2014) 1
6155 Atractaspididae Unidentified Atractaspididae 1
1310 Chamaeleonidae Bradypodion melanocephalum KwaZulu Dwarf Chameleon Vulnerable (SARCA 2014) 2 Yes
1410 Chamaeleonidae Chamaeleo dilepis dilepis Common Flap-neck Chameleon Least Concern (SARCA 2014) 1
4750 Colubridae Dasypeltis scabra Rhombic Egg-eater Least Concern (SARCA 2014) 1
4600 Colubridae Philothamnus hoplogaster South Eastern Green Snake Least Concern (SARCA 2014) 1
90 Gekkonidae Afroedura pondolia Pondo Flat Gecko Least Concern (SARCA 2014) 1 Yes
230 Gekkonidae Hemidactylus mabouia Common Tropical House Gecko Least Concern (SARCA 2014) 1
5916 Lamprophiidae Amblyodipsas 1
4180 Lamprophiidae Macrelaps microlepidotus Natal Black Snake Near Threatened (SARCA 2014) 1 Yes
4910 Lamprophiidae Psammophis brevirostris Short-snouted Grass Snake Least Concern (SARCA 2014) 1
4540 Lamprophiidae Pseudaspis cana Mole Snake Least Concern (SARCA 2014) 1
2110 Scincidae Acontias poecilus Variable Legless Skink Endangered (SARCA 2014) 3 Yes
2480 Scincidae Trachylepis varia Variable Skink Least Concern (SARCA 2014) 4
1230 Varanidae Varanus niloticus Water Monitor Least Concern (SARCA 2014) 2
5390 Viperidae Causus rhombeatus Rhombic Night Adder Least Concern (SARCA 2014) 2

  Total records           24  

Red listing source:
Atlas and Red List of the Reptiles of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. 2014. Edited by Michael F. Bates, William R. Branch, Aaron M. Bauer, Marius Burger, Johan Marais, Graham J. Alexander & Marienne S. de Villiers. SANBI, Pretoria.

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