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Scorpions are conspicuous and attractive terrestrial animals, and are frequently photographed. Images of all African Scorpions are welcomed and all contribute equally towards a better understanding of the distribution patterns of these fascinating creatures.
Scorpions have captivated much interest by scolars by their great antiquity and the amazing suite of biochemical, physiological, behavioral, and ecological adaptations that have combined to ensure their continued success over the past 450 million years.
Scorpions have a wide geographical distribution and live on all major land masses except Antarctica. Although some species are quite specific in (micro)habitat requirements, many exhibit a high degree of plasticity in habitat use. However, the distribution of most species is poorly known and in most cases it is based on a handful of museum records.



Name of Organization/Department Animal Demography Unit, Department of Biological Science, University of Cape Town
Contact person (Person to contact about the dataset) Dr Rene Navarro
Position IT Systems Specialist
Postal Address Animal Demography Unit, Department of Biological Science, University of Cape Town
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City/Town Cape Town
Province Western Cape
Country South Africa
Telephone +27 (0)21 650 4751
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Website address (url)
Title of dataset Atlas of African Scorpions
Brief description (max. 200 words) The aim of ScorpionMAP is to update the distribution of all African Scorpions.
Purpose (max. 200 words) The information consolidated within ScorpionMAP will build up a comprehensive identification guide, as well as mapping the ranges of each species.
Begin date (When data collection started) 2013/03/04
End date (For dormant datasets: When was data collection ended on-going
Give a brief account of any biases, gaps or errors which may exist in the dataset. All VM records include coordinates. Species identificatios in the VM collections are done by a panel of Scorpion experts. Photos submitted to the virtual museum are biased to species that are easy to photograph and to areas which are most accessible to the public.
How to get a copy of the dataset Email Project Coordinator
Other information about the dataset which may be important. ScorpionMAP is a project of the Animal Demography Unit at the Department of Biological Science, University of Cape Town
Author name (name of the person who entered the metadata record) Dr Rene Navarro
Author organization Animal Demography Unit, Department of Biological Science, University of Cape Town
Author position IT Systems Specialist
Author address Animal Demography Unit, Department of Biological Science, University of Cape Town
Author postal code 7701
Author city/town Cape Town
Author province Western Cape
Author country South Africa
Author telephone +27 (0)21 650 4751
Author fax +27 (0)21 650 3301
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