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Figures in the drop-down list correspond to the
number of records and number of grid cells respectively.
Type any part of the scientific or common name to activate the name search:

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The following options available for RSA (old map) only
(a) Combine all subspecies under Genus-species binome?        
                  ... and plot binome with a single symbol?        
(b) Temporal Map: Enter year(s) to split records in two or three periods:
Year 1:     Year 2:
(i.e specifying only Year 1 = 2000 gives: ‘pre-2000’ & ‘2000-to-present’)
(i.e specifying Year 1 = 2000 & Year 2 = 2005 gives: ‘pre-2000’; ‘2000-2005’ & ‘post-2005’)


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