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   [ Record 11 of 147561 ]   
:   164247
Province:   Western Cape
Country:   South Africa
Locus:   3418BA
Observer:   Bruggemann Ilze; W
Date of record:   2010-11-18
Number of photos:   1
Last updated:   2018-10-24 08:42:55
Sp. code:   5958
Species name:   Cordylus sp.
Common name:  
Family:   Cordylidae
Record status:   ACCEPTED
Collector's species id:  
Institution:   ADU-UCT
Record URL:
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Comments by the Expert Panel on this record:

Comment number:   1
By:   James Adriaan Harrison
Comment:   Interesting record. At this locality one expects to see C. cordylus, but this individual appears to be uniformly black, suggesting C. niger, but C. niger not known from this coastal locality. For now one must assume that this is a melanistic C. cordylus. If it is C. niger, it would be a significant range extension and probably an isolated population.
Date:   2018-03-27 02:43:20
Species name:   Cordylus sp.
Species code:   5958
Comment number:   2
By:   Edward Stanley
Date:   2018-04-02 22:18:38
Species name:   Cordylus sp.
Species code:   5958

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