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The data upload process consists of two steps (forms), in the first the collection information is entered. Once this is completed, the user is taken to the record upload page, where multiple observations for the same collection information can be uploaded.

Users can save locality information into their own gazetteer, (a gazetteer is a list of your localities with the related information). This will facilitate adding new records for the same locality description & coordinates.

Not all fields are required, but the added information will increase the value of the record.

If you have difficulties with this form, or specific queries regarding data upload, please write to us at vm-info [at] adu [dot] org [dot] za

We greatly appreciate your contribution and feedback!

* indicates required fields

 1. Observer information:

 Name: Ryan Matthew Tippett
 ADU number: 14935
 Additional observers: Enter names of additional observers, separated by ';'

 2. Date of observation:

  *Year: *Month: *Day:
Note that you can change the date for individual records during record upload.

 3. Collection locality, using gazetteer:

 Locality name:

If you are using the gazetteer, you can save now
and continue with record upload:



 4. Collection locality:

 *Closest town:
*Locality: Locality description, i.e. farm Doornhoek; Thabazimbi district.
  Altitude:  Give the altitudinal range in meters, if known.
 minimum:    maximum:
  Coordinates: If you do not have coordinates for this locality, please use the Google map below.
Enter coordinates in either:
     1. decimal degrees, eg. -25.489552
     2. degrees and decimal minutes, eg. 25 29.731 S
     3. degrees, minutes and decimal seconds, eg. 25 29 43.87 S
Example above are the same coordinates in the three different formats.
Note that symbols for degrees (°), minutes (') and seconds (") are NOT required.
Additional information on coordinates available here.
*Source: GPS;   Google Earth;   Google Map;  
1:50 000 Map;    1:250 000 Map
*Accuracy: Give the accuracy, in meters, of the coordinates
ie. the error or radius of area searched around the point locality.
 locality name:
You can save this locality into your personal gazetteer for later use, to do this just provide a name in the space below. This name will be used in the Gazetter pull-down menu.
A gazetteer is basically a list of place-names together with their locations in latitude and longitude and additional descriptive information.
Maximum 50 characters.

 5. Collection locality, finding coordinates:

  • Please zoom into the map as much as possible as this improves the accuracy of the coordinates

Please note that you do not need to copy the coordinates shown here into the coordinates section above, the processing software will do this for you.

Point coordinates:   Zoom level:

 6. Save and continue to record upload:


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