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BirdPix:   47899
Province:   Mpumalanga
Country:   South Africa
Locus:   2431CD
Observer:   Kennedy D.
Date of record:   2017-11-03
Number of photos:   2
Notes:   This wee lady was incubating two eggs on bare ground not 60 cm from the side of out Land Rover. Furthermoe, about 10m away on an anthill was a male leopard with an Aardvark in the tre above him. For several days we checked on him and the nightjar: he was never observed threatening it in any way. Opinion among Singita's guides was Square-tailed Nightjar. I would have to hear it calling to be sure.
Last updated:   2020-12-03 11:24:41
Sp. code:   376
Species name:   Caprimulgus fossii
Common name:   Square-tailed (Mozambique) Nightjar -- Laeveldnaguil
Family:   Caprimulgidae
Record status:   ACCEPTED
Collector's species id:   Square-tailed Nightjar Caprimulgus fossii
Institution:   ADU-UCT
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VM-number: 47899 - photo: 1
VM-number: 47899 - photo: 2

Comments by the Expert Panel on this record:

Comment number:   1
By:   Lisl van Deventer
Date:   2018-02-07 23:36:48
Species name:   Caprimulgus fossii -- Square-tailed (Mozambique) Nightjar; Laeveldnaguil
Species code:   376

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