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BirdPix:   10709
Province:   KwaZulu-Natal
Country:   South Africa
Locus:   2930DD
Observer:   Jackson Mike
Date of record:   2014-09-15
Number of photos:   3
Notes:   Stand off between Spotted Eagle Owl pair and a Black sparrowhawk that poached a springhare from under their noses. The Owls gave chase and the sparrowhawk dropped the prey at cricket practice nets in school grounds, but was not about to let the male owl (on the ground) take it. The female faced the sparrowhawk until it swooped down to retrieve its prey and she chased it into a tree right in front of me, attacking it tallons first. The sparrowhawk took the barrage of attacks until it flew off with prey in tact.
Last updated:   2020-12-03 11:24:41
Sp. code:   159
Species name:   Accipiter melanoleucus
Common name:   Black Sparrowhawk (Goshawk) -- Swartsperwer
Family:   Accipitridae
Record status:   ACCEPTED
Collector's species id:   Black Sparrowhawk
Institution:   ADU-UCT
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VM-number: 10709 - photo: 1
VM-number: 10709 - photo: 2
VM-number: 10709 - photo: 3

Comments by the Expert Panel on this record:

Comment number:   1
By:   Malcolm Robinson
Date:   2014-09-28 18:30:06
Species name:   Accipiter melanoleucus -- Black Sparrowhawk (Goshawk); Swartsperwer
Species code:   159

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