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BirdPix:   120235
Province:   Western Cape
Country:   South Africa
Locus:   3418BD
Observer:   Underhill LG
Date of record:   2020-05-23
Number of photos:   1
Notes:   chubby, reddish bill and legs, freckled head; other species in for comparison
Last updated:   2022-03-11 14:29:26
Sp. code:   10009
Species name:   N/A
Common name:   Terns (unidentified) -- Onbekende Sterretjies
Family:   Laridae
Record status:   ACCEPTED
Collector's species id:   Antarctic Tern
Institution:   ADU-UCT
Record URL:
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VM-number: 120235 - photo: 1

Comments by the Expert Panel on this record:

Comment number:   1
By:   Karis Daniel
Comment:   Difficult to tell. Bill is quite long; giss looks (to me) like hirundo. Happy to be wrong! :-)
Date:   2020-07-15 13:59:59
Species name:  
Species code:   0
Comment number:   2
By:   Lisl van Deventer
Comment:   Bill looks too long? For Antarctic Tern (dumpier, correct) the bill length should be just shorter than the head length (on the long range, the shorter, stubbier bills are the length from the gape to just behind the eye).
Date:   2020-08-30 22:01:23
Species name:   N/A -- Terns (unidentified); Onbekende Sterretjies
Species code:   10009

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