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BirdPix:   1896
Province:   Limpopo
Country:   South Africa
Locus:   2331CB
Observer:   Steen L.
Date of record:   2008-09-20
Number of photos:   1
Notes:   Three species in same tree: African Grey, Red-billed and Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill
Last updated:   2020-12-03 11:24:41
Sp. code:   1508
Species name:   Tockus rufirostris
Common name:   Southern Red-billed Hornbill (split) -- RooibekneushoringvoĆ«l
Family:   Bucerotidae
Record status:   ACCEPTED
Collector's species id:  
Institution:   ADU-UCT
Record URL:
Links:   • Locus: Summary | Records       • Species: Records | Distribution map
VM-number: 1896 - photo: 1

Comments by the Expert Panel on this record:

Comment number:   1
By:   Malcolm Robinson
Comment:   Red-billed Hornbill at top. African Grey Hornbill at centre left. African Yellow-billed Hornbill at bottom right. A very interesting photogragh
Date:   2013-12-18 16:35:51
Species name:   Tockus erythrorhynchus -- Northern Red-billed Hornbill (split); Rooibekneushoringvoel
Species code:   4129
Comment number:   2
By:   Lisl van Deventer
Comment:   Record ID reassessed
Date:   2017-07-28 14:25:59
Species name:   Tockus rufirostris -- Southern Red-billed Hornbill (split); RooibekneushoringvoĆ«l
Species code:   1508

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